Ancol Simply Dry Noodle Dog Glove


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Keep your dog warm and dry with the Simply Dry Dog deep dry glove.
-With soft and cosy microfibre 'noodle' fabric to absorb mud and water

The Simply Dry Dog mitt is perfect  to catch moisture and dry your dog after a wet and muddy walk or bath time .
-Machine wash at 30°, tumble dry on a low heat.
-Microfibre drying glove, one size fits all

The Simply Dry Dog Mitt utilises oodles of microfibre noodles to catch drips and absorb mud and moisture, a must-have for after bath times.

The Simply Dry Dog Mitt is also perfect to keep in the car to keep dogs dry and comfortable and cars clean after wet and muddy walks. The super-absorbent noodles speed up drying time and prevents water and mud spreading around the home and car.