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Animonda Milkies Adult Cat Snack Selection Pack of 20

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Animonda Milkies are a food supplement for adult cats. Milkies can be given as a snack, a topping over food or added to drinking water. Milkies from Animonda are easily digestible and low in gluten.These snacks contain no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

There are 20  milkies per box in four varieties,

Balance with Vitamins D and E

Harmony with Malt,

Beauty with zinc 

Active with Taurine

Cats love snacks and as something small between meals they provide welcome variety - but they need to be full of goodness and great for your cat.

The liquid milky snack that comes in the practical portion cups is versatile: purely as a snack in between meals, a topping over food or added to drinking water.

These great natural snacks require a quick shake before serving.

Suitable for adult cats

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