AATU Natural cat Food

AATU  for cats is a great single source protein food with a high meat content, ideal for cats and kittens. Gluten and grain free cat foods for healthy cats 


Mother nature evolved dogs and cats as carnivores, 'meat eaters', animals deriving their energy and nutrient requirements mainly from meat protein. This is the prime reason for formulating AATU, a bespoke and unique diet that can benefit pets who suit a higher meat diet enriched with fruits, herbs and botanicals.


AATU is the first single sourced protein 80/20 diet for dogs, and 85/15 diet for cats, made with freshly prepared, preservative free meat. It is so highly concentrated AATU use 2.5kg of raw ingredients to make 1kg of finished product. AATU is free of grain, white potato and gluten and is a low glycemic diet. Handcrafted in small batch recipes, the kibble is naturally made without artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or GM ingredients.

We also sell AATU for dogs ?


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