Dentifresh Toothpaste Starter Kit for Cats & Dogs

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Providing effective and convenient dental care for all dogs and cats the Hatchwells Dentifresh Dog and Cat Toothpaste and Finger Brush is a complete dental starter kit, specially developed with adult dogs and cats in mind to introduce them to tooth brushing and assist with a regular oral care regime.

Designed to help you care for your pets teeth and gums to promote good oral health the Hatchwells Dentifresh Dog and Cat Toothpaste and Finger Brush is a 2-part dental kit for all adult dogs and cats, developed to fight plaque and freshen breath.  Containing a handy finger toothbrush for the gentle yet effective cleaning of teeth and gums and a specially developed dog and cat toothpaste it helps to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, and is part of an effective and effortless range of oral care products for household pets.

Ideal for regular use providing you and your pet with a convenient dental regime to keep their teeth clean and healthy it effectively fights plaque as well as freshening breath.  A non-enzyme toothpaste formula with a delicious meat flavouring it is highly palatable so it is more readily accepted by your pet, keeping dental disease, plaque and tartar at bay.  The finger brush features soft rubber bristles that gently clean away food particles to help prevent plaque and tartar formation, allowing you to easily maintain good oral health right from the start.

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