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Frozzys Lickable Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt Treat For Dogs 85g

£1.55 - £5.75
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As this product is perishable it is not covered under the Consumer Contracts Regulations and therefore returns are not possible on this item

 PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship Frozzy's without a minimum order of 5kg of food to keep this product frozen. This can be made up of any frozen products we sell.


Frozzys are the only Frozen Yogurt specially made for dogs, with a variety of enticing flavours for your best friend to enjoy. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, they are lickable straight from the tub, a healthy frozen yogurt treat your dog deserves.

All Frozzy Yoghurts are lactose free as well making them kind to a dogs stomach. They are also low calorie, ideal for any dog on a weight management plan.

£1.55 each or a pack of 4 Strawberry Yoghurts for £5.75

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