Mikki Matt Master for Fine or Medium Coats


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The eight blade mikki matt master is a great untangling comb with stainless steel blades. The serrated edges provide easy cutting
Rounded ends for safety.
Suitable for fine and medium coated cats and also suitable for dogs




First use a Mikki comb or brush to help locate genuine matts.


Then use the Matt Master with short strokes and work progressively. Don’t force the Matt Master as this is ineffective and will cause discomfort to your pet. With very dense matts use a sawing motion by rotating the twist.


 When clearing a matt hold the hair close to the roots to avoid lifting the skin. Towards the end of the grooming session when you can pass the Matt Master through the coat in long strokes to keep it parallel to the skin and avoid plucking upwards.


 If your pet is excessively matted it may wise to seek professional assistance. Also, sensitive areas may be better clipped as they are more vulnerable.


 Clean the Matt Master after each use, put a little light oil on the blades & store in a safe place.

Ideal for use on dogs and cats




NB Please keep out of reach of children and always take extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges.

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