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Natural Silvervine Sticks For Cats Pack of 10

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For hundreds of years, silver vine sticks have been used in Asia to increase cats’ heart rates. Now available here at Elliots Petwarehouse
Aumüller Silver Vine Cat Sticks, also known as matatabi, belong to the kiwi tree family and originate from Asia, predominantly in China and Japan. These natural, dried Silver Vine Cat Sticks have a real effect on your cat, animating it to play and encouraging an active lifestyle. When the outer layer of the stick is broken through chewing or scratching, the effect is increased. These Silver Vine Cat Sticks are not only a great toy for your cat but can also encourage dental care.
Silver Sticks come  with three uses: playing, nibbling and dental care all in one!

Loads of Fun – Cats absolutely love silver vine. It’s effects are stronger than catnip.
Long Lasting – Cats find silver vine irresistible when it’s first put out – but they will return to the same stick for days, or even weeks!




Note: To get the most out of your silver vine, give the cat a stick for a couple hours and when they stop playing with it put it in a jar or otherwise away from the cat. When you give it back to them, they will be excited all over again!

Aumüller Silver Vine Cat Sticks at a glance:

  • 10 natural silver vine/matatabi cat sticks
  • From the silver vine/matatabi plant: belongs to the kiwi tree family and is predominantly from China and Japan
  • Particular effect on cats: encourages long-term entertainment
  • Three uses: for playing, chewing and dental care
  • No harmful side effects
  • Material: 100% natural, unpeeled silver vine

Please note:
Some cats respond particularly intensively to the effects of silver vine. We recommend only giving these sticks to your cat in your presence, and watching to see how your cat reacts.  As with any other  cat product, please supervise your pet with this item. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the stick if it is damaged badly.

Part of the natural range of products here at Elliots Petwarehouse

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