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Otodex Ear Drops for Dogs and Cats 14ml

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Otodex Ear Drops are a fast-acting solution to removing wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in cats and dogs.

Petlife Otodex Ear Drops for cats and dogs are particularly useful for treating ear irritation and Otitis Externa in pets.

Otodex Ear Drops not only remove ear wax and blockages but they act as bactericides and fungicides for your pet's ears.

Petlife Otodex Ear Drops also contain a pain reliever and moisturiser to relieve itching and help repair the skin inside your cat's and dog's ear canal.

You should apply Petlife Otodex Ear Drops into both ear canals and gently massage the outside of your pet's ears. 

Petlife Otodex Ear Drops should be applied 3 to 4 drops at a time once a day for up to 4 days until your cat's and dog's symptoms cease or as directed by your Veterinary surgeon.

Petlife Otodex Ear Drops for cats and dogs are manufactured by Petlife, contain Chlorbutol and Phenyoxyethanol and come in a 14ml dropper bottle.



  • a wax solvent to remove wax,
  • fungicides and bactericides, including an anti-bacterial agent which is particularly useful against common and difficult-to-treat bacterium in chronic ear cases,
  • a mild analgesic to relieve pain,
  • an emollient to moisturise the skin.


Symptoms of Diseases:

Shaking of the head persistently for a few moments due to irritations in the ear, such as the presence of parasites, wax or inflammation.

Excessive wax in the ear often leads to infection later.
Scratching of ears is a symptom of ear mites.


If symptoms persist - please consult your vet


OTODEX VETERINARY EAR DROPS are a fast acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats.

Active ingredients: Phenoxyethanol Ph.Eur 1.0% w/w Chlorbutol hemihydrate Ph Eur 1.1% w/w in a Propylene Glycol base.

Otodex are just part of the health items we sell for dogs and cats .Why not check the range out today ?