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Proden Kalm Aid complementary feed for dogs and cats

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KalmAid is ideal  for nervous or anxious dogs and cats.

Stress-related situations like separation anxiety, strange surroundings (kennels,catteries or pet minders) or loud events like fireworks can affect a dog or cats behaviour and quality of life.

KalmAid contains L- Tryptophan and L-theanine, essential amino acids which stimulate the production of serotonin. Serotonin plays an important role in maintaining calm and relaxation in animals. KalmAid also contains Thiamine (Vitamin B1). Deficiency in this crucial vitamin has been associated with nervous disorders.


NutriScience’s unique KalmAid formula can aid the treatment of anxiety and nervousness  in  cats and dogs as well as kittens and puppies, helping to make pet parenting a more rewarding experience.

Ideal for use during fireworks, thunderstorms,and stressful situations ie trips to vets. Can also be used for long term issues.

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