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VET IQ SERENE-UM 30 calming tablets for dogs and cats

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VetIQ Serene-UM® is a natural dietary supplement containing a specially formulated blend of

essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and has been recommended by veterinarians

to combat tension and stress in pets, without having a sedative effect.

Serene-UM® is the first step toward a more contented pet. 

It works by controlling the underlying emotional state to calm your pet, so that behaviour

learned from a stressful situation can be corrected through retraining.

In essence, Serene-UM® treats the source of the problem not the symptom.


Sereum helps with bad behaviour, hyperactivity ,excessive barking,

thunderstorms, fireworks, and Seperation Anxiety


Formulated with natural ingredients


Suitable for cats and dogs 1 to 20kgs.


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