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Worlds Best Extra Strength Cat Litter 6.35kg

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Made from whole kernel corn, all natural Worlds Best Cat Litter is the litter that's best for your cats. Worlds Best Cat Litter is 99% dust-free and contains no clays, silica dust, synthetic binding or dust reducing agents. There is no harmful dust to be inhaled by your cat, making Worlds Best Cat Litter safer for both of you.

There is also no need to worry about ingested litter. As all cats lick their paws, litter particles can be swallowed, even small kittens may try eating their litter, as you are probably aware with other litters this can be very dangerous, but not with Worlds Best as it will pass safely through your cats digestive system.

World's Best Cat Litter Extra Strength at a glance:

  • Extra-strong clumping cat litter
  • Ideal for multicat households
  • 99% dust-free: suitable even for more sensitive lungs
  • Lightweight: made from sustainable corn that is powerful yet light
  • Odour control: keeps unpleasant smells trapped deep in the litter for hygiene and freshness
  • Flushable: forms strong clumps that can be flushed down the toilet once soiled
  • No added chemicals: kind to cats, people and the environment

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