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About us



Elliotspetwarehouse was born out of a need for quality cat products.  Pet stores including the big chains had little choice for cats and still dont to this day. Right from the beginning until the present day our focus has remained the same, to bring quality pet products to the public backed by excellent customer service.

We firmly believe healthy complete foods, and tasty high quality cat treats enhance your pets life and reduce the need for vets long term. Just as in humans , the mantra you are what you eat stands true. Cats need a high meat content and many common cat food brands fail this simple rule. Elliots proudly stock Schesir After Dark, Terra Felis, Ziwi Peak and Animonda Carny. These brands are backed by quality complementary foods  such as cat soups with taurine and bone broths.  More new brands will follow.

Treats dont have to be full of nasties to be tasty for your cat either. Freeze Dried Treats by HiLife,Trixie, and Pawfect Nature are simply pure meat for your cat in healthy treat form.  Scrumbles  and Animonda Milkies also make up our treat range.

Cat calming diffusers and a wide range of catnips, valerian and matabi also enhance yours cats life

We also stock a wide range of quality grooming products for cats and dogs, toys for cats and dogs, plus much much more. 

In 2024 we  were awarded a quality business award for our pet store

Achieved by gaining 95% excellence in all we do.

2024 will see our range continue to expand always keeping the ethos of quality over quantity at the forefront of our aims.

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