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Cats are cool arent they

13th Dec 2023

Here at Elliotspetwarehouse  we are proud to be cat lovers. Our cat family are Australian Mists and we love them one and all.Whilst surfing the internet recently we came across this great cat bas … read more


23rd Oct 2023

  Wow what a great weekend at The Supreme . For a glimpse of our stand check out the following link. people visiting the show found out we beca … read more

Supreme Show

Posted by Graham on 2nd Aug 2023

To cat lovers everywhere, the Suprme is just a couple of months away. For those showing cats it pays to have them groomed to perfection. Here at Elliots we can help you with your show preperations all … read more
The Kings Coronation

The Kings Coronation

Posted by Graham on 6th May 2023

What a fabulous day it has been, the Kings Coronation has been a very special day indeed. MAny memories to last the rest of our lives. London is sucha special day and this event was truly history in t … read more
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