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A cure for George how allergies can affect your pet

10th Feb 2019

A Cure for George Flicking through 100 odd channels one night I came across a science programme that was discussing research into faeces and the bacteria in the gut and faeces. The programme was o … read more
Weeping Window poppies in Stoke on Trent

Weeping Window poppies in Stoke on Trent

Posted by graham at Elliotspetwarehouse on 26th Aug 2018

A day out from the business today to see a spectacular display. The weeping poppies are currently on display in a Victorian Pottery in  Stoke, a nearby city to us at Elliotspetwarehouse Despite t … read more


Posted by Graham at Elliotspetwarehouse on 12th Aug 2018

August 2018 sees our first ever Gift Certificates for sale to our customers. They are a quick convenient way of sending to someone who has a dog or cat to help them treat their fur baby. Whats even be … read more
Dr Scott Miller Interview  by Shekina Tuahene

Dr Scott Miller Interview by Shekina Tuahene

Posted by Shekina Tuahene on 9th Aug 2018

How did you join the veterinary profession?I’ve always had a love of animals from a child which made the choice very easy.Why did you decide to pursue your career in the UK and Europe?My parents are E … read more


4th Aug 2018

DO CATS LIKE CATNIP ?The leaves and stems of the catnip plant contain an oil called "nepetalactone." When cats smell nepetalactone, it stimulates special receptors that sense chemicals called "ph … read more
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