Pets and Fireworks

Posted by source Derbyshire News Oct 21 on 24th Oct 2021

At this time of year, it’s common for pets to become anxious due to loud firework bangs going off between October and the New Year.With some public displays again being cancelled  this year due t … read more

Cavalier Puppy Issues

Posted by Graham Atherton-Ryan on 26th Sep 2021

King Charles Cavaliers are one of the most popular pedigrees in the UK. However they carry  many possible disorders  due to years of bad breeding. Sadly buying form a #kennel club assured br … read more
The new feature wall of Ayudamist Cattery

The new feature wall of Ayudamist Cattery

Posted by Graham Atherton-Ryan on 19th Sep 2021

Today we continued work on our cattery by putting up our feature wall for the main entrance   Ayudamist Cattery just got a little more cattastic.  We at Elliots love it 

The dangers of feeding peanut butter to your dog

Posted by Advice taken originally from PDSA. on 13th Sep 2021

ALWAYS check the label first.  Xylitol,is a  a sweetener found in some types of peanut butter,It is toxic to dogs. If dogs eat Xylitol they can develop low blood sugar causing seizures & eve … read more

Lest we forget

Posted by Graham Atherton-Ryan on 12th Sep 2021

Here at Elliots Petwarehouse we are taking a moment this weekend to remember the sad events in NYC 20 years ago.  God bless all affected by this tragic event. … read more