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Russian BLues

Russian BLues

Posted by Graham at on 20th Jul 2020

This weeks  cat breed under review is the amazing Russian BlueThe Russian Blue is a cat breed that comes in coloura varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. Their short, de … read more


29th Jun 2020

Hi again last week we featured the Norwegian Forest cat on our breeds of the world , This week here at Elliots Petwarehouse its time to look at the Sphynx cat. Commonly known for its lack of a co … read more
Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

Posted by Graham at Elliotspetwarehouse on 26th Jun 2020

Each month we are going to feature differebt breeds of cats Here at we are Australian MIst  orientated but there are many more breeds out there. This months breed is … read more
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