Pawfect Finest Freeze Dried Goats Meat Cat Treats 50g

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Pawfect  Finest Freeze-Dried  Goat Meat Cat Treats   50g

  • Goat meat is a 100% Natural lean healthy protein
  • Rich in vitamins B6, B12 C, E, A  and K , Iron and Calcium
  • Less overall  fat ,saturated fat and cholesterol than other meats
  • Made with just one ingredient  grass fed goats meat
  • Freeze-dried to protect all-natural enzymes and nutrients.
  • Grain & gluten-free 
  • No wheat corn or soy 
  • No additives, colours or preservatives.
  • A perfect balance of taste and nutrition.
  • NB.  Not suitable for kittens


Goat Meat 100%