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Schesir Baby Mousse Salmon and Chicken 70g Pouches


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Schesir Baby Mousse Salmon and Chicken  70g Pouches

A recipe specifically for kittens, full of salmon and chicken protein, blended into a soft and velvety mousse, new to Schesir, part of the After Dark range.

  • 100% complete and balanced recipe, with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the kitten from 2 months to one year of life
  • with added taurine to support growth
  • with DHA as an aid to correct brain development
  • rich in protein from real salmon and chicken
  • in soft mousse to accompany the kitten during weaning
  • rich in broth, to provide the necessary hydration to the kitten
  • grain free
  • minimally processed quality ingredients with high nutritional value


salmon 31%, chicken 29%, salmon broth 29%, chicken liver 4%, tapioca starch, refined sunflower oil, egg powder, minerals, tuna oil, chicory inulin.



protein 10%, crude fat 4%, crude ash 2%, crude fiber 0.1%. Humidity 82%. Ca 0.31%, P 0.26%,
DHA 0.29%.
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