About us at Elliotspetwarehouse


Elliots Pet Warehouse was founded in 2009 by Sam when she found it impossible to find products for cats in UK  pet stores.  Poor advice & staff poor in knowledge were the final straw when a well known pet chain stated that adult kibble was the same as kitten kibble, the only difference being the picture of a kitten on the kitten food. That was the precise moment that Elliots Pet Warehouse was born.  Sam had worked in the pet trade for some 38 years at that point in time and had been a pedigree cat breeder for over 20 years. During that time she had built up a a wealth of knowledge including a course on feline psychology . She ran a reptile rescue for over ten years and became involved in wildlife protection via the WPAA in Australia , an organization who had the late Steve Irwin as patron.. Her research into natural diets for cats and dogs started at the age of 13 after reading Buster Lloyd Jones autobiography “The animals came in one by one “ Out of this has grown a belief that the only true way to feed animals is naturally and so research began into what is truly in pet foods. It is a well known fact that the British pet food market is worth in excess of £4bn a year, now thats seriously big business. It comes as quite a shock that this huge industry is dominated by two companies, Mars & Purina. Between these two giants they control 80% of the pet food market. Both companies claim their products are the best, yet the reality that the pet food made by companies that make detergents and chocolate is pet food made from waste products and containing only 4% meat. Shocking isn't it, just 4% meat !! That 4% meat is to feed carnivores , cats being obligate carnivores require between 80- 85% meat for optimum health. It soon becomes clear the big companies are putting profit before quality. Both Mars & Purina state they are regulated by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) but the truth is the PFMA allows its members to self regulate. We asked the PFMA ourselves a series of questions about pet foods, we only got a standard reply which did not answer of the questions we had asked. When asked the same questions again they refused to answer us. One of those questions we asked was  Why when you leave your members to self regulate do you expect them to do the best for the animal and not the companies bank balance ? Some months later we found that the director of the PFMA was also  the same Mary Sharrock of Nestle Purina ​So it was back in 2009 when one of our Australian Mists, George was suffering from skin allergies and even the prescription diet foods were not working that our research on a cure for him took us in the direction of natural and raw foods. Since then he has turned his life around, his skin and coat is beautiful and his health is fantastic. We at this point in time turned our back on the major branded foods and now we only support companies that produce healthy natural foods and treats. The majority of these companies are smaller and hold customer service and product excellence in high regard as we ourselves do. Today our whole ethos is quality products for dogs and cats, with food we sell being natural or raw, In order for any food to be sold by us labels are scrutinized and if found not up to standard Elliots Petwarehouse will not stock it. We firmly believe animals are our world, they deserve to be fed well and loved. Animals that are shown love and compassion will reward you with the same. Therefore we will not sell choke chains, shock collars,tie out chains, any food made from waste products or cheap fillers, & prescription diets which in some cases make symptoms worse. We also believe that small rabbit hutches and bird cages are cruel and therefore would not stock them if ever we moved into this field. Conservation and animal welfare are of the utmost importance at Elliots Pet Warehouse and our outstanding customer service is also key to our success. Everyone at Elliots Warehouse is raw food advisor trained. Elliots Petwarehouse is also proud to support professor Noel Fitzpatricks charity, The Humanimal Trust in its quest for one medicine for humans and animals alike. We are also proudly supporting Fitzpatricks Referrals and all the work it is doing to give animals the best quality of life possible when they need veterinary intervention in their lives. Although not part of the business we also breed the beautiful Australian Mist cats and have an excellent reputation for good healthy animals. To learn more about the Australian mist cattery we have why not check out our sister site  www.ayudamistaustralianmists.com Our cattery is open for inspection anytime to prospective kitten buyers and our cats are all cared for by Karl Underhill at St Leonard Vets in Derbyshire.  Karl has gained an accredited practitoner award and St Leonards vets is one of only 5% of vets in the UK who have achieved the RCVS Accredited Practice Status.