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Cat Grooming and Cat Care

Cat grooming and cat care at Elliots is a great place for all those feline needs. From cat brushes and cat combs through to cat shampoos and cat grooming powders. From basic supplies to premium cat grooming from  Baldecchi ,Eye Envy and Wahl. We even sell grooming bags to keep all your grooming kit together. Should you have a nervous or aggressive cat when grooming is concerned dont forget we also sell Mikki Cat Muzzles. Purrfect grooming at Ellliots where cats matter.All the cat grooming products you need to have a clean, hair ball free and great smelling kitty are available to buy online at Elliotspetwarehouse including cat shampoos, cat nail clippers, grooming scissors & a wide range of cat brushes suitable for all type of cat coats. Grooming your cat daily is important to ensure that your cat’s coat stays clean, glossy as well as helping to reduce the build up of hair balls. 

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