Baldecchi Dry Shampoo in Polvere for cats 100g


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The Baldecchi  Powder Shampoo  is a powder shampoo for completely dry hair cleaning, suitable for cats that usually show a certain dislike for water.

Baldecchi Powder Shampoo does not contain salts or other mineral derivatives. It is completely vegetable based , and its base is formed by starches of different nature and granulometry; the starch grains incorporate dirt and absorb excessive moisture, making the coat and skin clean without making the hair dull. Vitamin PP strengthens the hair right from the root.


Contains  (Reg. 907/2006 / EC)

Perfume, Hydroxycitronellal, Coumarin.

It also contains :

Blend of starches, Vitamin PP.


Advice for use

Distribute the  Shampoo Powder on the cat's fur; massage; leave to act for a few hours; brush until the product is completely eliminated.


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