Good Boy 20 Antibacterial Dog & Puppy Wipes


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Cleans Away Dirt & Odour Without Water or Rinsing.

Peach scented. With Aloe Vera.

Ideal for Puppies. Scented for Freshness.

Perfect for puppies and adult dogs, with a soft and moist texture.

Perfect for cleaning up after a muddy walk!


Preparation and Usage
Instructions for Use: Gently peel the label off to reveal the wipes; this label can then be pressed down to re-seal the pack and prevent the wipes from drying out.
1) Unfold the wipe
2) Wipe carefully along your pet's coat or feet to remove dirt and loose hair
3) Repeat if required with another, clean wipe
4) Dispose of these wipes in household waste
5) Do not flush these wipes down a toilet