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Itch Chill Out Cat Calming Diffuser and 30 Day Refill 48ml


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Itch Chill Out Calming Diffuser and 30 Day Refill for Cats 48ml


" Itch Chill Out is vet approved.

This drug-free formula is scientifically proven to help cats feel safe, happy and relaxed while reducing uncool behaviours

.Cats are creatures of habit, so even the slightest change can leave them feeling out of sorts.

Fireworks, parties or changes in the home can make cats feel stressed and uncomfortable. Furniture scratching, urine marking, fighting, overgrooming and lack of appetite are some of the ways our cats express their discomfort.

Chill Out releases calming pheromones that your furry friend will subconsciously associate with a sense of security, helping them feel safe, happy and relaxed."

Help make your cat feel safe, happy and relaxed

Diffuser refills  are also available to buy seperate.


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