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Julius-K9® Powerharness Size 2 L-XL Black

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This sturdy Julius K9 harness helps to give you extra control over your dog during walkies. If they love to run ahead, you can firmly pull them back without putting any pressure on their neck. This can help to make exercise more enjoyable and comfortable for you both, while helping your pet get over their behavioural issues. It's designed to be worn for short periods, so strap it on before you head out and take it off once you get home.

This harness also has fluorescent stripes on the side to help keep your dog visible when you go wandering after dark or on foggy days. The stripes reflect light so that passing cars, cyclists and fellow dog walkers will be able to spot your pet, even if visibility is poor.

Key benefits

  • can be used every day
  • gives you better control over your pet's behaviour
  • reflective stripes for better visibility
  • makes walkies more comfortable
  • inner lining is breathable and skin-friendly
  • adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • easy to clip onto your pet's favourite lead
  • robust design can handle the most energetic of dogs

Fits chest size 71-96cm        28- 37.5in.
Suitable for dogs 28- 40kg   61.5 - 88 lbs

Ideal for dogs such as Labradors and Boxers


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