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Rosewood Collapsible Portable Dog Water Bottle


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Pet Dog Collapsible Portable Water Bottle - Outdoor Dog Travel Bottle (Green)

An additional must-have for when planning to take a pet away on holiday, a road trip in the car or on a hike.

The Collapsible Travel Bottle is a portable drinking dispenser with an added carabiner so that you can attach it to leads, bags, travel crates or even to the loop on your jeans. This means that your dogs’ water is always at easy access.

The collapsible design helps to create a drinking dispenser that is easy to carry, store and use. The bottle collapsed height is 12cm but when expanded is 21cm.

Made from a collapsible high-grade soft silicone.

The lid can be used as a portable drinking bowl enabling your dog to drink out of the cap instead of the bottle- helping to reduce water escape.

PLEASE NOTE: Silicone bottle is dishwasher safe but please only wash the bottle cap in a dishwasher of no more then 70C

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