Ruff & Whiskerz Buddiez Bird Catnip . Cat toy

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Ruff & Whiskerz Buddiez Bird Catnip Cat Toy

Wildlife Buddiez give your cat the chance to hunt for animals found only in the wild. The catnip inside makes this toy an energy buddy for your cat. Chasing Wildlife Buddiez will keep your cat busy for hours. Toys for your cat have to be a whole lot of fun. And they have to be safe and durable. That's what you'll find in every Ruff & Whiskez toy. Everything Ruff & Whiskez makes is constructed of quality, long-lasting materials. And you can be confident that every Ruff & Whiskez toy is designed with your pet's safety and well-being in mind. You'll find Ruff & Whiskez toys for dogs and cats off all ages and breeds. Play on.

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