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The Original O’Tom Tick Twister for pets and people.

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 Easily remove ticks with  TICK TWISTER ®

  • Does not leave the tick's head in the skin
  • Does not compress the tick
  • Suitable for all tick sizes
  • Can be used on humans or animals
  • Allows quick and painless removal
  • Doesn’t need any chemical products (alcohol, ether etc)
  • Unbreakable, hardwearing and indefinitely reusable
  • The instrument is specially designed to remove ticks from the skin of animals and people. It is
  • easy to use, allowing the user to hold the tick without compressing it and to remove the tick by
  • twisting motion rather than pulling. This technique is safe and will completely remove ticks. 
  • Veterinarian tested and approved

       Quality product made in France


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