Trixie Matabi Powder for cats 20g


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  •  A 20 g jar of ground plant parts from matatabi fruit, leaves and wood
  • Convenient sprinkler on top of jar  to control amount used on your cats toys etc.
  • This is a 100% natural product 
  • So what is it?? Its posh name is Actinidia Polygama. It is native to the mountainous regions of eastern Asia. It’s a climbing plant and is particulary good for cats as it contains two feline attractants as opposed to just one in catnip and is three times more potent than catnip, yet remains safe for use.

    Most cats go crazy for matabi and its euphoric state it causes in cats usually last for fifteen to twenty minutes.

    Matabi is also sometimes known by its other common name. silvervine.

    Ideal for use with all your cats toys and scratching surfaces. Why not try some today?

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