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Schesir Baby Mousse Chicken and Liver 70g Pouches


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Schesir Baby Mousse Chicken and Liver 70g Pouches

Right from its first year of life, a kitten needs support in development and to be accompanied in switching from its mother's milk to full weaning. That is why Schesir Baby Mousse offers complete and balanced food with soft textures, formulated to satisfy a kitten's specific needs right from the early weeks of life. It contains taurine to boost growth and DHA to assist in correct cerebral development. It is based on real meat protein, combined with other important ingredients, and contains no cereals. 100% complete and balanced recipe in a soft mousse, to accompany the kitten during weaning.


"chicken 60%, chicken broth 27%, chicken liver 7%, tapioca starch, refined sunflower oil, egg powder, minerals, tuna oil, chicory inulin."



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